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Contact us Contatec phone number, Brazilian Accountancy

Welcome to Contatec.

We provide services to National Companies and multinationals, with presentation of trial balance until the 3rd day of the month for multinationals.

Contatec Software prepared for sped system accounting tax personal
We rely on proprietary software, providing greater agility to legal changes.

  Professonals Contatec APEJESP associated qualified to provide accounting services and skills and legal proceedings
We have professionals associated with APEJESP, qualified to provide services of accounting skills as well as technical assistance in legal proceedings.

       Sped improved system ensuring agility and tranquility for customers

For accounting and tax management
within SPED requirements, we improved
our system according to the established
standards and future updates, ensuring
agility on deadlines and tranquility for
our customers.

   Contatec external services with own messenger service and specific insurance and recovery of documents

We operate within and outside the
municipality, with own messenger service.
Also we have specific insurance against
loss and recovery of documents.


Contatec CRCSP associated

Security Certificate:

Thawte Icon Contatec security certificate

Contatec Professional Liability Insurance guarantee services performed
Professional Liability Insurance
We have professional liability insurance in order to guarantee services performed.

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